Reall Lifeworks, Stress Management, London

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Barbara Bailey, intuitive therapist, founder, and proprietor

My holistic therapies and workshops help provide real solutions to stressful living


About Real Lifeworks

Reall Lifeworks, Stress Management, London

About Real Lifeworks

Barbara Bailey, founder of Real Lifeworks, runs workshops and teaches Reiki & Seichem, Egyptian Cartouche and Crystal & Chakra Balancing.

Barbara Bailey, intuitive therapist, founder, and proprietor

Barbara Bailey is a qualified life coach and therapist and offers a range of therapies that work on your mind, body and spirit to treat the whole person.

More about Barbara Bailey

If you have any questions about workshops, products, complementary therapies or prices, please contact Barbara by phone or email using the contact details below.


Barbara Bailey

Barbara Bailey, founder of Real Lifeworks, is a South-East Londoner who describes herself as an Intuitive Therapist. She is very much in tune with her spirituality and has, from a very early age, received messages for herself, family and close friends and latterly, through her healing, can tune into and read the body thus providing clients with their own personal reading.

It was a complete accident that Barbara discovered that she had the natural gift of healing. As the only qualified First Aider in a city-of-London based finance company, the most common request was for pain relief/pick-me-ups for those who were worse for wear on the morning after!

When supplies of pain-killers ran out, Barbara would compensate by laying her hands on members of staffm pretending to be a mystical healer but to her surprise they always felt much better!

Encouraged to take her healing seriously, a work colleague introduced her to the Church of St. Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside. She completed a Spiritual Development and Healing course (1997) and became a spiritual healer for the church.

Barbara is now a qualified Reiki and Seichem Master and offers accredited courses teaching the Reiki and Seichem and Egyptian Cartouche healing systems that are accredited by the Reiki and Seichem Association (RASA)

As well as offering healing, Barbara is also a qualified Complementary Therapist and SpiritualCoach, offering a range of therapies, including Pyramid Soul Meditation, that benefit mind, body and spirit to treat the "whole" person. Barbara is a warm and generous person who can relax and make people feel at ease, so say goodbye to bad days and discover real solutions to stressful living, to what is holding you back. Please get in touch for your own personal development plan.


Workshops Information

Workshops & Courses Information

For more information on prices, RASA, Reiki Seichem, Egyptian Cartouche and/or Crystal and Chakra balancing workshops, expand (click on) the buttons below.

Reiki Seichem Healing Courses

Reiki Seichem is a natural, holistic and safe system of healing, even for babies, pregnant woman, the elderly and after surgery.  Reiki Seichem can help us to move through the blockages that prevent our lives from flowing as they should. The energies enhance and empower our natural ability to heal ourselves.

There are four levels: Reiki Seichem 1, 2, 3 and the Master Teaching Level.

Egyptiana Cartouche

If you would like to ‘fine tune’ your psychic development, learn a new skill and have a magical day then the EGYPTIAN CARTOUCHE workshop is for you.  The Egyptian Cartouche Course is a very popular healing course for beginners, for personal development and also for those who have already trained in Reiki or Seichem healing.

There are two levels, the Egyptian Cartouche course for personal development and the Egyptian Cartouche Mastery Teaching Level (for those who have attained Reiki Seichem Master Teaching Level).

Crystal & Chakra

Crystals are magical and mysterious and can amplify thought processes, facilitate healing and transmit energy and love. Each crystal has its own unique entity, vibration and frequency and you will be drawn to the one you need to work with to open and balance the chakras for optimum healing.

The CRYSTAL AND CHAKRA BALANCING introductory workshop, although not accredited, will give you a solid basis to use crystals and pendulums to effectively access deeper healing for yourself and others and will enhance and work alongside other healing modalities.


Reiki Seichem healing and the Egyptian Cartouche workshops are accredited by the Reiki and Seichem Association (RASA), who represents professional healing practitioners and Master teacher members throughout the UK. RASA provide standardised attunement procedures, taught by RASA Masters, who will only conduct attunements on a face-to-face basis. RASA Masters can prove their lineage back to Mikao Usui and Kathleen Milner thus ensuring the quality of energy transferred.


Reiki Healing

Reiki Seichem Healing

Reiki Seichem Healing, London


Reiki Seichem is a gentle hands-on method of healing that helps to release any blockages in the body and accelerates the healing process

What happens during a treatment? I work in your aura, the electro-magnetic field that surrounds the body, on many levels and during a treatment (1 hour) you remain fully clothed and may feel a pleasant sensation of warmth, coolness, tingling and deep relaxation - to falling asleep.


Cartouche Mastery

Egyptian Cartouche Mastery Workshop - £325

This two-day workshop includes:


Egyptian Cartouche


(personal & psychic development - £175)

If you would like to ‘fine tune’ your psychic development, learn a new skill and have a magical day then the Egyptian Cartouche workshop is for you. The Egyptian Cartouche is a must for holistic practitioners and complementary therapists as it enhances and works alongside all other healing modalities and includes:

Egyptian Cartouche Workshop

Pre-requisite:  None

Please Note: If you decide that you wish to teach others, then you can book the one day Master Teaching (part 2) with me at an extra investment of £150. Agenda details as Egyptian Cartouche Mastery.


Life and Spiritual Coaching in London

Life and spritual coaching is a very powerful process that supports clients in making choices. It provides a framework and support mechanism for the client to set clear objectives and take steps to achieve those objectives.

Life Coaching South London

Please check (click on) the following boxes to help you identify the areas in your life that may need attention.

Does your life work? Step into a world beyond words ... Take the time to tick the boxes that apply to you ...

Step 1


Body, Mind and Spirit

Quality of Life

Change and Transition

Step 2

Taking the time to tick the boxes has helped to identify areas in your life that need attention. As Ralph Wald Emerson saids, "what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies within us".

Step 3

Please call to find out how coaching can kick-start your life.

If you are committed to working towards being the best you can be, please contact me for an informal chat and to book your first coaching session. There is no obligation but it does give you the opportunity to discover a bit more about coaching first-hand. The free, informal chat is by phone and will last around 15 minutes.



Some therapies are more expensive than others, but price differences will not apply to you as I charge for my time, not the therapy, apart from Cord Cutting, Soul Therapy and Life & Spiritual Coaching, as listed below.

Holistic Therapies

30 mins (£25) 45 mins (£35) 60 mins (£45) 90 mins (£60) 120 mins (£75)


Special Offers


Purchase 4 treatments (based on 60 mins) and get one free (£180 for 5 sessions) Why not experience different therapies by mixing and matching!

Special Introductory Offer Price 3 hours (£75)
2 friends who book together (£65 each)

Reiki Seichem 1

Reiki Seichem I - £150 (for self-healing and healing family and friends)  

This one day workshop includes:
The Reiki & Seichem I attunement
The History of Reiki and the Reiki principles
The Violet flame initiation
Self healing and chakra balancing
Dowsing with a pendulum
Treatment techniques
Pre-requisite: None


Reiki Seichem II

Reiki Seichem II
- £185 (Practitioners Level) 

This one day workshop includes:
The Reiki & Seichem II attunement
Yod initiation
Distance healing techniques
15 Symbols
Pre-requisite:You will need a Seichem Reiki Level I certificate to attend

One day workshop with a maximum of 2 people per class for individual attention or contact us to arrange a date for individual one-to-one Level 2 Training


Reiki Seichem I + II


Reiki Seichem I & II together - £250
(Practitioners Level) 

This course is for those who wish to upgrade from Usui Reiki to RASA Reiki Seichem in a one day, combined course. There is a maximum of 2 students making for a slightly longer, more intensive, training day. 

Contact us using the buttons below to arrange a suitable date


Reiki Seichem III
(for serious healers who do not teach)

Reiki Seichem III - £275

This course includes:

Pre-requisite: Must have completed Reiki Seichem Levels I + II

Included in price:   Manual, Certificate, Laminates, lunch all refreshments and snacks throughout the day.

Please note: Should you decide, at a later date, that you wish to go on to teach others you can book the Reiki Seichem Master Teacher workshop Part 2 (one day) at an extra cost of £325. Please click on Reiki Master Teacher for agenda details.


Reiki Master Teacher Course

Reiki Seichem III - Master Teacher

£600 Teacher Training

Complete your training with level 3 Masters with this two-day course.  This course is specifically for those wishing to learn how to teach and attune others and run their own Reiki and Seichem workshops and includes:


Crystal & Balancing

Crystal & Chakra Balancing Workshop - £135

This introductory level workshop will give you a solid basis to use crystals and pendulums to effectively access deeper healing for yourself and others and is a must for holistic practitioners and complementary therapists as it enhances and works alongside other healing modalities. This workshop includes:

Special Offer - Bring a friend and pay £120 each


Soul Therapy Meditation

Soul Therapy Meditation

Soul Therapy Meditation, London


Soul Therapy (also known as Pyramid Soul Meditation) promotes cellular regeneration and memory and helps reverse environmental pollution caused by pylons, radiation, mobile phones, TV transmitters and dishes that can affect your health and well-being.

There is more vital energy contained within the geometric shape of a four-sided pyramid than in the air surrounding us, so meditating within the pyramid has an energising and cleansing effect on the aura. It gives you answers to questions, promotes peace of mind and alleviates stress, fatigue and headaches. You can experience this and much more by laying inside the pyramid with its combination of carefully selected crystals and magnets – take three long deep breaths, close your eyes and let your mind be open to a richer life from creative thoughts and feel life at a new level.


Crystal and Chakra Balancing

Crystal & Chakra Balancing

Gentle hands-on healing

Real Lifeworks, Intuitive Therapy


  • restores vitality and energy
  • balances major & minor chakras
  • insight & answers via body reading
  • make sense of life events
  • release past; live now; plan the future

More info

Crystal Etheric Weavers are used in conjunction with Reiki Seichem healing to balance the major and minor chakra centres of the body, allowing natural self-healing and regeneration to occur.

Each colour of a crystal wand is chosen to create a specific frequency that resonates with the body and realigns the energy field in the etheric layer. This alignment connects us with information from the soul level, allowing us to function more in alignment with our life purpose. You will also receive a crystal chakra reading that covers the past and present. Each chakra tells a story that enables me to give a reading that releases the past and present to enable you to live the best possible future.