Dear Barbara
I deliberately waited at least 6 weeks before sending you my testimonial.
First of all I have to say it was an absolute pleasure meeting and spending the day with you while receiving my Egyptian cartouche attunements and initiation.  Your energy is beautiful and made me feel so comfortable I knew that I made the right choice in you for my Attunements. Not to mention your wonderful hospitality and great cooking! You catered for my specific dietary requirements beautifully, the food was great!  

Now to how I feel since my attunements...wow!  These attunements have had such a deep and profound effect on my life I want to cry. I have been under so much stress and anxiety for the past few years that the anxiety issues I had became normal to me. I left your house with a sense of calm and excitement about what would happen post Attunement.

It was only the day after my Attunement that I had this strange feeling in my heart. Kind of like the butterflies you get in your stomach, but in my heart. Also my heartfelt soooo light, not just spiritually but molecularly. Like if you weighed it before and after attunement there would be a marked difference. 
I felt so overwhelmed and confused about this sensation that I called Barbara. She reassured me by telling me my heart chakra had opened and the energies were settling in and the sensation would stop in a day or two, which it did.

The strange thing is I didn't realise how heavy my heart was until it became so light... Deep! Also, after years of having a very high heart rate always of 98 BPM upwards my heart rate is now and has consistently been around 72bpm since the Attunements, wow!!
The biggest and most profound change in my life now is that I am soooooo calm, it’s like nothing fazes me, not my teenage children, the stresses and strains of life, nothing.  I no longer feel fear, apprehension, anxious or angry.  It takes a lot to irritate me and even if I do become irritable it’s minor and resolved quickly. I am even full of more positivity and creativity. Every day I build and grow into my relationship with the neteru (Egyptian goddesses and gods) and every day I understand my world a little bit more.
Thank you so much for everything.
Love and light always, Michele x


When Barbara opened her front door I instantly felt welcome. Barbara is a very warm and compassionate lady. I felt totally relaxed and was really excited about the day ahead. As the teaching began and the day went on I felt like I had known Barbara for years. Barbara also cooked lunch for me which was absolutely delicious! I was so looking forward to experiencing the pyramid and it did not disappoint. The initiation was another amazing experience and by the end of the day I was exhausted but felt a sense of relief as if a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

I have since consulted the cards on many occasions and they have helped me to make many decisions. I have also used the cards as talismans to help friends and family. I feel truly gifted and continue to be amazed at the energies of the cards. I will most definitely be visiting Barbara again as she is gifted in so many ways.

I cannot thank you enough Barbara. Don't ever give up on your amazing work. Best wishes.
Jacquie Saneh


The moment Barbara opened the door to her house to me, I felt I was in the right place and this day was just meant to be. There was an instant connection, almost as if I had known Barbara all my life. I felt so at ease and at home it was totally surreal. Listening to Barbara inspirational journey and the miracles she had to tell, made the time just fly by. If I could, I would have packed Barbara in my bag and brought her back home with me.

The Egyptian cartouche initiation was everything I had expected and much more. Sleeping under the pyramid was an added bonus. The energy I have been initiated to is so extraordinary yet so exciting. I can just feel it helping me to enter the next chapter of my life....the happier chapter. I had such an awesome day.
Vanita Panchani


"Barbara deserves the highest recommendation. She invites you into her welcoming home and teaches the Egyptian Cartouche with passion and integrity. She is also generous and considers your best interest at all times. I hope to learn other healing techniques with her in the future."
Best wishes
Daniela Rose

The Egyptian Cartouche energies of this healing system are very strong and powerful and my clients already tell me how different it is from Reiki. Barbara made us feel at ease and gave us plenty of time for questions, ensuring that we all had our learning needs met. The day was full but not rushed in any way and the lunch she cooked for us was delicious! Barbara came highly recommended and she met my expectations and much more and I came away confident in using the cards and the Egyptian Cartouche energies.

Linda Burton

Hi Barbara
Thanks for a wonderful and intriguing day.
The Egyptian Cartouche Course was brilliant and I really enjoyable and loved the pyramid meditation. I did not realise how late it was when we finished so thank you for your time.
The Egyptian symbols are very powerful and I am sure they will be of great help in many areas of my life.

Brenda Agg


My friend and I spent a day with Barbara learning about the ancient Egyptian energies of the Cartouche. The day was perfect in every way, with time available for questions, making the day flexible to suit our needs. Learning about the Cartouche cards was fun as well as informative, and not too challenging for the memory! Having been armed with an understanding of which cards to use to benefit ourselves and others, we set off home confident we could call upon and use these energies properly. If you already have Reiki or use spiritual healing energies, you will find the Egyptian Cartouche energies do fee different in your hands as they come through. It is good to know that there are so many energies to call upon, and with the Egyptian Cartouch you will have 24 of them! How can you go wrong?

Rachel Clarke

"Hello Dear Barbara,

I want to tell you that the Egyptian Cartouche seminar was really interesting and effective. Whenever I use the cards, the same ones keep coming up and you feel the energies of the cards within you. The big advantage is that these cards can be used for various reasons e.g. healing, divination, meditation or a situation in your life – and it truly works! The experience under the pyramid was quite interesting as well as it had brought me more clarity, peace of mind, and I was more centered and focused. Therefore I was well prepared to receive the cartouche initiations. I want to thank you as well for the good food we ate and for the wonderful time I had during this seminar. I would recommend anyone to take up this Egyptian Cartouche Workshop as it really is an uplifting and wonderful experience!"
Gordon Schembri


"Barbara has the ability to relax people and make them feel at ease. She is a warm and generous person, which comes across with a great deal of love. She explains things thoroughly and in depth and you never feel as though you can't ask questions regarding the Egyptian Cartouche. She is a fabulous teacher who feels like an old friend I haven't seen in years. Barbara doesn't rush the initiations nor do you feel rushed when looking at the cards. The whole day was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I would recommend her to anyone. Barbara and her family are very warm and welcoming and you have a fantastic meal cooked for you by Barbara. The Egyptian Cartouche is great for people interested in a career in healing and for those looking for personal development and I would recommend this workshop to anyone." Keziah Morgan

Reiki Seichem Level 1 Workshop

"Hi Barbara,

Thanks again for a brilliant day. I left behind the little chart which says which crystal to put where.... think it is in the handbook though.

I thought you would be interested to hear that my mother in law phoned the next day for a chat... NEVER before!

Can you send the details of that seminar to me - Grant is really interested in going which is another wow.

Speak soon x" Laura Campbell


cartouche mastery course

"Hi barbara, hope you are well, just to say thanks for the cartouche master course, it was awesome, the initiation was fantastic and the pyramid meditation not to be missed, the next day more information was revealed to me regards the events in the pyramid meditation, when my friend came to rouse me i was in a space of the blackest blackness ,which felt square, thoth was standing over me preparing me for forthcoming events, it was a truly fantastic course/ day i wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone.
good health",
steve hickman
reiki and seichem master, cartouche master, eft practioner.


Eqyptian Cartouche

"the egyptian cartouche course was very enlighting and informative. being initiated into the cards was something i have never experienced and was a joy to do so. meeting barbra bailey was a happy occasion, she was lively and very willing to share her experiences regarding egpytian cartouche not to mention very hospitable and a good cook, i might add! after being initiated into my own cards, i got to experience going under the pyramid. i found it to be relaxing and enjoyed my time under there. overall the course was a success and i throughly enjoyed my day."
Charlene Allen


“Hi Barbara
Just to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying using the cards and feel very close to the energies. It seems like the cards jump out at me very clearly. Having done a reading on two consecutive days, I got exactly the same cards, thus reinforcing the message... it is all about work at the moment. Hope you are ok, and get lots more pupils - it was a lovely day. Love and blessings."
Susie Fox


Hi Barbara

"I Hope you had a good christmas and happy new year to you.

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the day and to apologise for not having my cheque book with me.

The following day I felt so happy and revitalised it was wonderful. A couple of 'coincidence's (for want of a better expression) Egypt kept being presented to me and the name of Ark natan (don't know how to spell it). Please let me know who you think this is.

Many thanks",
Laura Jane Harris


My colds normally drag on for ages, but just 3 days after a Reiki treatment with Barbara my cold cleared up. Barbara manages to create a calming atmosphere in an office location!"
Gemma Smith


“The Pyramid Therapy” was a complete out of the body experience – I was a spirit, I could have stayed forever.”
Hazel Carey


“I attended Barbara’s Reiki 1 & 2 on Course and found the course informative and interesting. I must say that I was grateful for the chance to explore alternative healing and how to apply it - it has already made a remarkable difference in my life. I found Barbara to be a source of inspiration. She has an astounding knowledge relating to the course and all my questions were answered. I left feeling satisfied that I had obtained a skill that that I was so well informed about.”
Nicky Maritz


“Hi Barbara, How’s it going? In regards to Holmes Place one of my goals you know! Anyway, I do not know what happened to me, but it must have been like God and his angels, including my guardian spirits decided what to do next. I went on the internet and looked for the nearest classes to me that did Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness and it just so happens that a class was starting locally that same evening at 6.30pm, well did I sit around and wait for someone to take me there. NO, I plucked up the courage and confidence and trainers and I toddled off to the class (in my car). Thanks for your support during the life coaching process. If you did not keep on at me in regards to Holmes Place I would probably still be depressed.”
Rosemary Daley


“Thank you so much for a lovely Indian face massage and coaching session. I hope I did not drain too much energy from you yesterday, but I felt a lot better and slept very well that night and feel a lot more relaxed today. I woke with a massive headache but after drinking plenty of water it soon went away. I am looking forward to further sessions with you, as I know they will be of great benefit to me."
Jane Barrett


“The energies flowing with me are absolutely tremendous since having my Reiki Seichem Masters class with you and I am now also tapping into my psychic abilities. The Reiki Seichem has super-enhanced my attunements working with the Angels and my other therapies. I now have access to higher realms. Thank you.”
Jeanie Brooks


Reiki Treatment

“I am a firm believer in Reiki as an effective form of release for stress and balancing of the body’s own natural energy.I began to visit Barbara for Reiki treatment in January 2002 and her calm and professional manner has meant that I have returned to her again and again. Barbara takes time to explain about the treatment and procedure and what is going to happen, which helps me to relax further. I always leave her calm and peaceful environment calmed, relaxed and rejuvenated. I have and will continue to recommend Barbara as an excellent and professional Reiki Practitioner.”
Tinu Folayan


“Pyramid - Thank you for a journey through the cosmos with a kaleidoscope of colours and spirals”
Sonja Harper


"Hi Barbara, Firstly, thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki/Seichem treatment. I feel serene, balanced and my mind is clear. I also feel very energised. It is indeed more powerful than a Reiki only treatment. Thanks for your phone message about the Reiki/Seichem workshops. I would really like to do the Seichem I and II followed by the Reiki/Seichem mastership. As it is going to cost more than I expected, I've got some saving up to do :) I've decided to be patient and start saving and I'll be in touch when I'm ready to do the Seichem I and II. Enjoy your birthday weekend! Best wishes".
Tess Rawlins


Islington Exhibition - May 2004

  • "The Pyramid was a very interesting and relaxing experience, at one point I could feel all the negativity inside rising out of my body with lots of tingling –detoxing - lovely. Thank you" Toni
  • "The Pyramid was amazing, inspirational and energising on every level. I felt energy surging through all my bodies and chakras and clearing them. Thank you" Glynnis
  • "Very relaxingand invigorating - a new experience" - Thank you. - Mary
  • "An energising, yet relaxing experience, like nothing I've experienced before -lovely" Thank you. Sam
  • "Very relaxing. I had a nice experience with a magical rainbow!" Thank you. Gloria
  • "Very relaxing experience, lots of tingling detoxing - lovely" Thank you. Dana "Gorgously relaxing and inspirational" Lee Borwn
  • "Totally estatic, wonderful" Thank you - Julie Guddity
  • "Excellent, very relaxing, drifted away and didn't want to stop" Thank you. Lorraine Bray
  • "I feel at peace and am one with the universe - energy flowing very powerful -cleansed - healed - and at peace". Thank you. Sarah Semplis
  • "The Pyramid was a complete out of body experience. I was a spirit and could have stayed there forever - wonderful". Hazel Al-Jawad