Reiki Workshops, South East London

Reiki Seichem Healing Courses

These workshops are accredited courses and you will receive your diploma on the day of your training, which is a fully insurable certificate, and on completion you will be able to join the Reiki Seichem Healers Association.

Reiki Seichem is a natural, holistic and safe system of healing, even for babies, pregnant woman, the elderly and after surgery. Reiki & Seichem can help us to move through the blockages that prevent our lives from flowing as they should. The energies enhance and empower our own natural ability to heal ourselves.

Reiki Seichem Training

In order to comfortably assimilate the energies of higher vibrations, the initiations are taken in three stages, known as degrees.

1st degree

You will be personally attuned to the healing rays of Reiki, Sakara, Sophi-el and Angeliclight. You will learn how to work with Reiki Seichem and Violet Flame energies (connecting with St. Germaine and the Violet Fire) using different hands-on healing techniques. You are taught how to give treatments to yourself, friends, family and all living things.

2nd degree

This attunement enables you to channel even more energy. You are given the sacred symbols of Reiki & Seichem and taught how to send and programme healing through time and space. After completion, your certificate will qualify you for professional insurance to work at Practitioner level.

3rd degree

This is known as the Mastership level and is a very powerful initiation. Many students experience greater spiritual and psychic awareness as a result of becoming a Master Healer.

Reiki Seichem Levels I, II, III and Master Teaching workshops can be personally tailored to fit around your schedule and one-to-one tuition can be arranged.