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  Therapy Business Start-up Guide

A Therapist’s Guide to Setting Up a Business (or working for yourself) by Barbara Bailey is a practical, no-nonsense, easy-to-follow guide aimed at the newly qualified or experienced therapist wishing to go into business with their eyes wide open!


Having made the decision to work for yourself, you will be keen to build your business as quickly as possible. But building up a stand-alone business to provide you with a living wage can be a slow process and relies on word of mouth, networking and business skills, as much as your ability.

So this guide seeks to inform you of the unfamiliar aspects of a new business such as business marketing and planning, health & safety, changes in the law regarding therapists' and their legal responsibilities to others, accounting, taxation and much more...  Click here to preview the first 7 pages, including the Contents page.

So don’t waste time and money on costly products and advertising that doesn’t work. Buy this guide instead and avoid the pitfalls and expense of going into business.


An investment of £10.97 TODAY will

‘I set up my own business on a very meagre budget and had to seek out the very best ‘value for money’ products.  I also invested in numerous costly advertising campaigns and would have definitely benefited from a similar guide when I first started - I can honestly say that I have not only experienced the pitfalls, but have worn the tee shirt on many occasions!

Not only will you save money on advertising that doesn't work, I have negotiated huge discounts from the many stockists and service providers mentioned in the guide which will more than cover the cost of the book.

For example, I have negotiated a whopping 25% off the recommended accountant, representing an average saving of £177, and that's just one of many savings you will find in the book.’  

Barbara Bailey

Professional Testimonials

"Having set up from scratch my own Beauty and Alternative Therapy Centre, I remember what unknown territory I was in and would have been glad of the assistance of this informative and accessable E book".  

Linda Burton-Cooper (Feb 2010) Founder of Beauty Plus, London SE22

"The Therapists Guide to Setting up a Business by Barbara was very insightful. Lots of good business tips and pitfall to avoid which would literally save me thousands of pounds. There are plenty of marketing ideas and links to resources either free or discounted which is great for anyone starting out with a limited budget. Lots of information on legal, compliance and tax issues as well which was very well researched and explained. I was able to determine start away what I could do myself and what I should leave to the experts. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about start up a practice or struggling to run one".

Anna Kitney (July 2010) Director of Bourgeon, London SE23 


Order YOUR COPY today


PDF Download £10.97

CD ROM £12.97 

Bound paper copy £15.97  



Crystal Etheric Weavers

Healing wands that align the major and minor chakra centres of the body

The Etheric Weaver is a Metatronic Tool designed by Archangel Michael. It consists of a 3.5” lab grown Siberian quartz, in a variety of colours, with two magnets placed parallel to each other on either  side of the crystal, wrapped in copper. A gold plated chain with a small crystal on the end is used to hold the hanging Etheric Weaver, like a pendulum.

Etheric WeaversThe Etheric Weaver is used to naturally balance and align chakra energies and each colour creates a specific frequency that resonates with the body and realigns the energy field in the etheric layer.

It can be used direct or as a distance healing tool - both on oneself and others. The etheric weaver works with the energy of the Seven Rays - the colours of the rainbow - to heal and align the whole body and its hundreds of chakras, rather than focusing on the seven primary chakra centres.

Treat yourself and others

Etheric Weavers are held like a pendulum over the body (usually over the chakras or an injury) and connect telepathically with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies in the etheric layer of our energy field to bring us back into alignment, allowing natural self-healing and regeneration to occur. This alignment connects us with information from the soul level and allows us to function more in alignment with our life purpose.  Each Etheric Weaver comes with a Buddha Maitreya meditation tape.    

3.5" Siberian quartz etheric weavers


3.5" Etheric Weavers
(+ £5.00 P&P)


Power Plates

It's easy to tone up and reduce body fat using the Reviber Plus

As recommended by the Independent on Sunday



After testing the Reviber Plus for fat loss and muscle toning, The Independent on Sunday gave the Reviber Plus 5 out of 5, saying that it not only delivers 'impressive results', but that it is also 'easy to use and is excellent value for money'. Click here to view full article.

With the proven platform technology and the addition of the resistance bands, the Reviber Plus becomes the perfect indoor exerciser, so why waste money on a gym subscription when you can enjoy a full work-out in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you!




The Reviber Plus £247
+ free UK shipping

Reviber Plus £247


In the Sunday Telegraph's opinion, the Reviber was the hottest exercise machine of 2009


This easy, time-saving exercise requires just ten minutes a day

  • Tones and strengthens muscle
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases circulation & metabolism
  • Increases bone density
  • Improves balance & posture
  • Strengthens pelvic-floor muscle
  • 5 year motor guarantee and 2 years on all other parts



Now comes with or without a stand



Scientists created vibration exercise to prevent astronauts losing muscle and bone mass in space.  Recent university studies have shown that this type of body-conditioning improves muscle strength, increases metabolism, and reduces body fat. It has also been proven to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, improve balance & posture, and increase bone density.

And feedback from users suggests that it also reduces the appearance of cellulite. It is easy to use and feels fantastic – for a great workout you simply spend ten minutes doing passive exercises such as standing and sitting on the machine.

Customer Testimonies:

1)  We have used the Reviber exercise machine for 8 months with excellent results.  It has been very helpful in enhancing blood circulation, improving muscular and general body flexibility.  It is most beneficial for relaxing tense or stiff muscles and seems to have a strong massage effect.  The machine is particularly useful for stress, constipation, poor balance and insomnia in our experience.  Natural Medical Centre.

2)  Really good solid machine, I was surprised how robust it is. Only had it a week so who knows but feels and works really well. 
P. Macve

3)  This is a great way to both relax and exercise - gentle massage for the back of your calves - great after each exercise routine you do.  I would definitely recommend this (and have already) to others looking for something to fit in with the day.  
F. Cumming 

4)  My excellent Reviber, I have found that overall health is improved because the entire body is revitalised and it is a great advantage being able to use it in the home - its available whenever you are.  Personally I feel it is a safe, holistic, way to care for ones entire being.  One of my friends uses hers from her wheel chair, (she has been wheel chair dependent since birth), the Reviber is a source of fun as well as a health maintaining asset - plus her home help and carers use it - perks of the job!.  I am a Yoga and holistic health teacher of many years standing. 
M. Fielding

How it works:

Gravity:   The up-and-down movement of the Reviber means that while you are using it you are literally heavier because of the up-and-down acceleration G-Forces.

Vibration: In addition, the body is exercised by the thousands of small vibrations stretching the muscles, which the body counters with a corresponding contraction.  This stretch reflex works the muscles so thoroughly that the body becomes stronger very quickly.



1)  On 25th May 2009 the Irish Mail reported on a study which suggests that, used correctly, vibration plates they’ll not only help you lose weight, but will trim the harmful fat that settles around the internal organs and raises the risk of heart disease. To read the full article click here

2)  A study on men found that "...the biological mechanism produced by vibration is similar to the effect produced by explosive power training (jumping and bouncing)." 

3)  From studies on women the researchers concluded that standing on a vibrating surface is as beneficial as going to the gym for improving leg strength and speed of movement!  

4)  Click here to view a summary of a remarkable study that measured significant results for Fat Loss, Improved Bone Density, Strength, & Balance.


Easy & Fun Workout:

The Reviber can be used in a variety of positions to concentrate the beneficial effects on different areas of the body, with or without a stand.

You will probably want to start your exercise session by simply standing on the Reviber. Even without doing further exercises, this will stimulate the muscles in the legs and increase circulation, and it's also the perfect way of warming up before doing squats. 


This is a great exercise to concentrate the effects in the thighs and buttocks. The illustration shows a shallow semi-squat position, but for a more pronounced affect on the legs you can try getting your hips lower into a deeper squat.



For who find it uncomfortable standing, position the Reviber in front of your chair and place both feet on the top of the machine.  This is great for both blood circulation and for those people that suffer from muscle wastage in their legs.


Back Relaxer

Sit on the Reviber and allow your upper body to relax – this vibration should relax your back, hips, thighs, and buttocks.



Upper Body Exerciser
Simply kneel in front of the Reviber and place your hands on top of the machine. This exercises the whole of the upper body and you can do press-ups for further intensity.


  • Guarantee is 5 years on the motor and 2 years on parts.
  • Power consumption: 120W 
  • Speed: 14 - 40Hz  (840 to 2400 vibrations per minute)
  • Maximum Load: 120kg / 19 Stone
  • Platform is 43cm across with a depth of 31cm
  • Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programme.
  • Weight boxed: Without stand 11.5kgs.  With stand 14.3kgs.
  • Weight unboxed: Without stand 9kgs.  With stand 12.8kgs.

The Reviber comes in two versions, both at the same price. 

OPTION ONE: With a telescopic stand - as seen in the two pictures below


       The Reviber with Telescopic Stand £167 + free UK shipping

Reviber with Telescopic Stand £167

OPTION TWO: Without a stand (with a remote control instead) this is extra-easy storage version


                   The Reviber without Stand £167 + free UK shipping

Reviber without Stand £167

For improving your health and fitness, you will be delighted with the wonderful feeling of the Reviber.


Balance your Body & Mind with the Reviber Bodywave 



Reviber Bodywave                                           

  • Relieves back problems
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps to prevent tension headaches and migraines
  • Increases blood & lymphatic circulation
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves long-term postural problems
  • Gradual start feature
  • Digital timer
  • Foam padded ankle cradle
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Successor to the hugely popular Zen Chi Relaxerciser 

The Bodywave improves upon and replaces the hugely popular Zen Chi Relaxerciser.  The improvements include a foam padded ankle cradle, digital timer and a gradual start feature, the result is that the Bodywave is even better than expected.

The product is used by osteopaths, physiotherapists, multiple sclerosis therapy centres, health centres and is ideal to use in the comfort of your own home.  It is highly recommended by therapists and practitioners as a fantastic tool for improving your health.

What the Bodywave does

The Bodywave produces a motion through the recumbent body, similar to a swimming fish, which relieves compression from between the vertebrae and alleviates stress and tension on the spinal column. Elevating the feet is also a proven technique for relieving the symptoms of painful ailments such as fluid retention, poor circulation and varicose veins. Combine this with the Bodywave's muscle exercising principles and you will benefit immediately.

All it takes is fifteen minutes morning and night to gain the recommended thirty minutes of daily exercise; any additional form of exercise is an extra-added bonus!  If you wish you can just relax, put your feet up, and use it for 5 to 10 minutes whenever you feel the need.

Relax, Put your Feet Up!


The unique wave-like motion replicates an exercise movement and promotes the flow of blood to capillary banks in all extremities of the body, restoring supply to areas that may have suffered poor circulation.  Body detoxification may be improved via enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis, which is the movement of the involuntary digestive tract muscles (the Bodywave is often used before colonic therapies because it can improve the effectiveness of the colonic treatment).

Back Pain and Postural Problems

If it is back pain and postural problems that you want to alleviate then the Bodywave is fantastic, please take the time to read the testimonials because they will underline just how much this product can help - it really does work!

For normal use your arms should lie at the side of your body with your hands and fingers in a relaxed position.  This position is ideal for correcting postural problems and relieving pain in the lumbar area of your back (lower back).

You can put your arms in different positions to concentrate the effects on specific areas of your back.  To relieve tension in the neck and surrounding muscles you can move your arms back so your fingers slightly touch the back of your head.  For relief from deltoid and trapezius muscle  pain, (upper back), and thoracic region, (middle of the back), you can extend your arms behind the head.


Using the Bodywave is simple, you lie down with your feet in the foam padded cradle and then set the digital timer for the desired length of time, which will start the session.  For your comfort the Bodywave has an automatic gradual start feature that increases the speed over a period of 10 seconds until it reaches full running speed.  Relax, clear your mind and you will feel your whole body rock from side-to-side as if you are being massaged all over; the more you relax the greater the sensation. The results of this non-impact exercise movement are excellent. 

Customer Testimonies


As a busy osteopath I find the Reviber Bodywave fantastic on a number of levels. It is extremely popular not just amongst the patients but also my members of staff and indeed my family.  P. Brown  Bsc (Ost), Osteopath

I bought this machine on the advice of a fellow practitioner, it is in daily use, and the benefits are very noticeable to me and all my patients with feedback like: Higher energy levels, more relaxed, movement in spinal stiffness, neck/shoulder release, peristalsis movement, digestive benefits, the weight lifting off their mental/emotional problems.  J. Newman, Naturopathic Healthcare Practitioner.


After having 2 children the veins at the back of my left leg, above & below the knee, became varicose & prominent. At the time they gave me no pain but more recently an irritation developed in these veins. Since using the Bodywave regularly the swelling has become considerably less noticeable & the pain has gone. I now no longer have to hide away in trousers as I have the confidence to wear dresses & skirts again.  Mrs Croft, Blackpool.

To read many more write-ups and testimonies from the press, customers, therapists and practitioners then please click here

The Bodywave can be used by men and women of all ages providing you do not suffer from serious heart disease, epilepsy, have a pacemaker fitted, or are pregnant.

To gain the benefits of regular exercise such as increased energy levels, enhanced self confidence and that great sense of well-being, order your Reviber Bodywave now!

Boxed 25(l) x 41.5(w) x 35cm(h)   
Unboxed  30.5(l) x 36.6(w) x 25.4cm(h)  
Weight: Boxed 7kgs, Unboxed 6kgs
Material: High Impact Resistant A.B.S
Power Consumption: 0.3amp 50W
Voltage/Frequency:  220 - 240 Volts/50hz




Reviber Bodywave £137 + free UK shipping


Reviber Bodywave £137