Face Lift without Surgery

Rejuvenating Indian Face Massaage

Now available in South East London

This very special face massage uses particular muscle-stimulating techniques which remind the muscles to align more closely to the bone structure and helps firm, uplift and bring lightness back into your features.  


At the same time this treatment improves circulation of the blood and lymph and clears away metabolic waste.  The condition of the skin improves by encouraging natural oils to flow more freely to ensure a much more radiant glow resulting in a more plumped, younger and fresher look that improves overall appearance.


Why choose a non-surgical face lift?


This treatment requires only the hands of a skilled therapist and people are much happier not to use surgery or use techniques that rely on machines or needles to achieve such a natural look.


The therapist will start by working one side of the face only, then she will hand you a mirror, before continuing with the other side.   This way you can see the difference for yourself!  As tension and stress held in the face fall away, the body responds and this has an amazingly relaxing effect which helps to boost overall health.


Face lift without surgery