Egyptian Cartouche Healing

Egyptian Cartouche Healing is a gentle, relaxing therapy that engenders a feeling of wellbeing in the recipient.

What happens during treatment?

At the start of your treatment you will be assessed by having a Cartouche card reading. Cartouche acts as a bridge between day to day things and the higher self and a reading is a potent guide to your spiritual, emotional, mental health and success. The Cartouche cards revealed in your reading may even be used as powerful symbols of protection and meditation. Thus these readings not only tend to act as a guidance and advisory device for the client, but can be applied practically by the client in everyday life. A treatment will help to restore vitality and energy and assist in self-recovery and are given in conjunction with Tera-Mai Reiki & Seichem Healing.

What are Egyptian Cartouche cards?

The cards are extremely powerful symbols which were known and recognised by the ancient Egyptians, but not to be confused with Tarot. The set consists of 25 cards which can provide insight and answers to dreams, healing and health, family or emotional problems, career or business matters, protection, life and spiritual purpose or any of life's many enigmas.

Egyptian Cartouche Cards

A treatment and reading lasts one hour.