Egyptian Cartouche Courses

Egyptian Cartouche

You will receive 25 initiations into the Egyptian symbols that bring about a state of heightened awareness and clarity.
Murry Hope, author of 'The Way of Cartouche' and a practitioner of Egyptian magic, invented the cartouche system in 1983.

There are 25 cards, numbered sequentially from 1 through 25, but we don't initiate with card 10, which is Set.  Set represents opposition, delay and problems, which is why the card is omitted in the initiation process. 

There are no pre-requisites to receiving the initiations – you can be a complete beginner, a reiki healer, a reiki master or other. If you are a Tera- Mai™ Reiki Seichem Master you will receive Egyptian Cartouche Master Level and can go on to initiate and teach the attunements to others.

Each Egyptian Cartouche card has either a fixed or a mutable quality corresponding with universal astrology.

  1. Osiris - the good father, teacher, consoler, the warrior who protects 
  2. Isis - the nurturing mother, earth magic, earth power, earth divination
  3. Horus - healing of the physical eyes as well as the third eye
  4. Bast - psychic abilities and psychic protection
  5. Thoth - lord or karma, lord of time, healer and magician
  6. Hathor - patron of women and beauty; her mirror is protective as it reflects back both negativity and harmony to the sender times ten
  7. Nephthys - hidden knowledge
  8. Ptah - architect, patron of men
  9. Anubis - protection and guidance
  10. Set - opposition, delay and problems
  11. Fire - connection to the fire elementals
  12. Earth - connection to the earth elementals 
  13. Air - connection to the air elementals 
  14. Water - connection to the water elementals
  15. Sirius - connection to the star people
  16. Lotus - peace of mind
  17. Crook & Flail - taking back your own authority; helps to connect with the path that was chosen before birth
  18. Uraeus - power
  19. Winged Disk - success
  20. Twins - connection to the twin flame
  21. Sphinx - animal medicine and the connection between animals, ourselves and Mother Earth
  22. Scarab - transformation
  23. Pyramid - initiation and protection
  24. Ankh - the key. After the attunement the Ankh serves as the energiser, much as Cho Ku Rays is the energiser of Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem symbols
  25. Buckle of Isis - fertility in ones endeavours

 Course agenda

  • brief history of the Egyptian Cartouche
  • description and interpretation of each Cartouche Card
  • meditation under a crystal and magnetic pyramid that has an energising, healing and cleansing effect on the aura
  • lunch and refreshments
  • initiation into the Cartouche Cards
  • learn how to meditate with your cards, use them as an oracle, healing, divination and other uses
  • learn how to do a quick reading with the cards for yourself (or a client) to determine areas/problems that need addressing before healing begins


The first initiation given in the Egyptian Cartouche is YOD (not represented by a card). This is a personal initiation to awaken qualities in the human soul and helps to reconnect the "Rainbow Bridge"; that is to re-establish the connection between the heart, third eye, soul star and Soul.