Barbara Bailey, founder of Real Lifeworks, is a South East Londoner who would describe herself as an Intuitive Therapist. She is very much in tune with her spirituality and has, from a very early age, received messages for herself, family and close friends and latterly, through her healing, is able to tune into and read the body thus providing clients with their own personal reading.  

But it was by complete accident whilst working for the MD of a city finance company that Barbara was to discover that she had the natural gift of healing. As the company’s only qualified First Aider, the most common request was for pain killers/pick-me-ups for those who were worse for wear on the morning after! To compensate when supplies ran out, Barbara would often mess around by laying her hands on members of staff pretending to be a mystical healer but to her surprise they always felt much better!

Encouraged to take her healing seriously, a work colleague introduced her to the Church of St. Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside. She completed a Spiritual Development and Healing course (1997) and became a spiritual healer for the church.

In 2001, Barbara was to realise the miracle and true value of healing and prayer when her friend was airlifted to hospital by helicopter. Nicole (25), who had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer, had suffered a massive allergic reaction to her first chemotherapy treatment. Admitted to intensive care, Nicole was in a coma with organ failure and the prognosis was grim. Given only 12 hours to live, her doctor said that even if Nicole were to regain consciousness, she may end up on a dialysis machine.

Barbara was devastated and emailed her daughter Bella, who was travelling through Thailand. A local family took her to the local temple where the monks and Bella prayed for Nicole that night. Barbara also gave healing to Nicole that night and to everyone’s surprise, not least the doctors’, she was to regain consciousness the next day and, more surprisingly, there was no sustained damage to her organs and she is still fit and healthy today. This was the trigger that prompted Barbara to leave her full time city job to actively pursue a healing and spiritual path.

Barbara is now a qualified Reiki & Seichem Master and offers Accredited Courses, teaching the Reiki & Seichem and Egyptian Cartouche healing systems that are accredited by the Reiki and Seichem Association (RASA).

As well as offering healing, Barbara is also a qualified Complementary Therapist and Life and Spiritual Coach, offering a range of therapies, including Pyramid Soul Meditation, that benefit mind, body and spirit to treat the ‘whole’ person. Barbara is a warm and generous person who has the ability to relax and make people feel at ease, so say goodbye to bad days and discover real solutions to stressful living, to what is holding you back. Please get in touch for your own personal development plan.

Barbara Bailey