Aromatherapy Massage, South East London

Aromatherapy is a relaxing therapy that involves massage of the back, neck, scalp, trunk, limbs and face to bring balance and harmony. It stimulates and improves circulation, which helps to improve lymphatic drainage. Massaging the scalp and the face relieves headaches, eyestrain, stress and sinus congestion.

The massage movement on the body eases muscle tension, restores joint mobility, warms and soothes the tissue.

Essential oils are gentle, yet powerful healers that are emollient, softening, healing, nourishing and rejuvenating to the skin. The therapeutic blends work by making their way through the pores of the skin, through the fat cells and in small quantities into the bloodstream.

Aromatherapy Massage

When properly blended they can have a positive effect on just about any physical condition. On the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, we depend on the first sense developed in the baby; the sense of smell. When we choose the appropriate oils for the circumstance at hand, we can positively affect any emotional, mental or spiritual concern.